MAGNETic & OPTICal properties of ferroic and strongly correlated materialS

Some materials showing fascinating properties such as superconductivity, colossal magnetoresistance, metal-insulator transition, multiferroicity ..., are the building blocks of novel applications in microelectronics, energy conversion and harvesting. These properties are basically due to strong electronic correlations, and result in a competition between various degrees of freedom (charges, lattice, spin, orbitals, …).
The team aims to understand the microscopic mechanisms at the origin of the physical properties of these materials such as multiferroïcity, magnetic order and dynamics, Mott insulators ...
Our approach is based on a combination of Raman and optical spectroscopies, magnetic measurements and numerical simulations.

MAGNETOPTICS team focuses on four research operations:

Molecular modelisation for flexible electronics

Dynamics of magnetization and multiferroïc materials

Doped nanodiamonds for medical diagnostic and quantum optics

Quantum materials



The Diamond Revolution in Hyperpolarised MR Imaging – Novel platform and nanoparticule targeted probe.
Europe - H2020 project 2016
Coordinator: Ulm University
Partners: Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem, Research Fund of the Hadassah Medical Organization, Karlsruhe Institute of technology, GREMAN, Austrian Institute of technology, NVision Medical Imaging, LM Van Moppes Sons SA, Arttic