Functional characterization of piezoelectric materials

The objective of this research operation is the functional characterization of piezoelectric materials (with new compositions, from new processes, etc.). Precise knowledge of functional parameters is essential in order to design efficient devices. According to the type of device, the relevant parameters are identified and measured for the intended application and in some cases the complete databases of electromechanical constants are obtained. Both analytical and numerical models are developed as well as inverse problem methods.

Tools and methods

Acoustic measurements - electrical impedance spectroscopy - Laser interferometry and vibrometry - metrology - mechanical pre-stress - equivalent electrical circuits (KLM) - specific methods based on IEEE standard on piezoelectricity and genetic algorithms - numerical models and simulations.

Vibration energy harvesting

Cantilever-type piezoelectric generators for vibrational energy harvesting (unimorph and bimorph structures)

Cantilever-type piezoelectric generators for vibrationnal energy harvesting ( unimorph and bimorph structures)

Study of pre-stressed ceramics

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Research for microstructures and acoustic signatures

Numerical modelling and characterisation of 1-3 piezocomposites

DISCUS OR1 image 2

Numerical modelling of an 1-3 connectivity component (ATILA)
(collaboration with IEMN, France).

DISCUS OR1 image 1

1-3 piezocomposites characterisation (collaboration with VERMON and Thalès R&T, France).

Polished cross-section SEM Image (collaboration with Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia).

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