Electrodynamics of advanced materials

The facility is used to achieve original material synthesis by sol-gel processes, for powders and laser ablation for thin films. The facilitie's equipment also allows the structural, electrical, magnetic and optical characterization of the new materials.

Spectrometer RPE BRUKER , X Band (4.21K to 300K)

Spectrometer RPE BRUKER , X and Q Bands (4.21K to 300K)

Kerr magnetometer - nanoMOKE Durham Magneto Optics : 20K-400K

Micro-spectromètre confocal
Infrared to UV microspectrometer to measure the optical properties of materials under extreme conditions (20K-600K / up to 20GPa)


Interface Combinatorial Pulsed Laser Deposition (see combinatorial chemistry)

Bruker D8 discover XRD (teta-teta) : equipped with a furnace from 25°C to 1200°C,helium cryostat from 12 K to 300 K, automatic sample changer and monochromatic option in transmission mode

Manip µ-plasma
µ-plasma surface functionalization processes

PPMS6000 (Quantum Design), Temperatures from 4K to 300K and magnetic field up to 9T.
Measurement modules : VSM, ACMS, Hall effect, Transport, FORC