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GREMAN is a research laboratory of the University of Tours, CNRS and INSA Centre Val de Loire focusing on materials, devices and systems for the conversion and management of electrical energy with a main objective of improving energy efficiency.
Thanks to the skills of its four teams which cover materials sciences (physics and solid-state chemistry) and engineering sciences (microelectronic, acoustic, electrical engineering), activities start from the synthesis of new materials with remarkable properties until the development of components and devices, and their integration into electrical systems.

The applications relate to new microelectronic devices, transducers and ultrasonic systems, electrical energy conversion systems.
These research activities include fundamental studies using simulation tools and models developed within the laboratory. They also rely on several technological platforms, particularly on CERTeM (R&D center for microelectronics) for manufacturing and multi-physical and multi-scale characterization.


GREMAN is particularly involved in education through five master's degrees in Tours and Orleans universities:
GREMAN's teaching researchers are also involved in courses at University Institutes of Technology of Tours and Blois, the Sciences and techniques education and research faculty as well as in the engineering schools : Polytech' (Graduate school of engineering of Tours university) and INSA Centre-Val de Loire (member of the National Institutes of Applied Sciences based in Blois).


logo ecscrm
  ECSCRM 2020-2021
, hosted by the University of Tours.

logo piezo 2021 Piezo 2021, hosted by the university of Sassari, counting GREMAN researchers into the Organizing comitee and into the International Steering Committee.


A new webpage to better understand materials science and microelectronics created for the 2020 Fête de la science is available on our website.
See our educational page here

Our videos : How to build a piezoelectric nanogenerator ... in a lab !
Learn more about the potential manufactoring of a new energy generator, using mechanical energy to produce electricity:

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Echosciences centre-Val de Loire (fr) - article - [Vidéo] Comment : fabriquer un nanogénérateur piézoélectrique... en laboratoire

Discover the detailed manufacturing technique here :

Présence d'un lecteur vidéo