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Micro-plasmas applied to the shaping of complex substrates

We have developed a thematic dedicated to substrate "functionalization" by high pressure cold micro-plasma. We focus our research on the potential of these plasmas to structure surface of complex-substrate. Their effectiveness is compared to different types of existing treatment processes.

This process can be applied to conductive substrates or not, with complex geometry and can modify hydrophobicity / hydrophilicity and allow the grafting specific functions. For example, recent results (PCM2E collaboration) have shown the very great ability of this process to modify the wettability of polymer separators of Li-ion batteries.

Diagnostics used for plasma characterization: spectroscopy and plasma imaging, electrical characterization of high voltage signals; for surface characterization: AFM, RX, MEB-EDX, electrochemical impedance measurement, contact angle, battery tests.

Needle of micro-plasma for surface treatment