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BEAT (2022- 2025)

Broadband Extraordinary Acoustic Transmission for super-resolution imaging

The imaging resolution of acoustic sensors is actually limited by the diffraction limit. In the BEAT project, we are proposing to tackle this barrier by developing an acoustic metamaterial device for sub-wavelength and broadband focusing of bulk waves at MHz frequencies.
By expanding the extraordinary acoustic transmission (EAT) phenomenon to bulk waves at the MHz range, we aim to overcome the diffraction limit and to squeeze the incoming acoustic energy through a sub- wavelength meta-pillar (sub-millimeter diameter at these frequencies). The physical device to be designed will be built, characterized, and finally coupled to commercial piezoelectric flat transducers as primary field source for near field imaging tests.


Fig. 1: Schematic diagram of the EAT device.
(a) Showing a section of a subwavelength- diameter pillar wire connecting two metal cylinders. Addition of grooves are envisaged to improve EAT efficiency.
(b) Dilation field pattern obtained by numerical simulation. A collimation of the elastic waves at sub- wavelength scale is shown.

Thibaut DEVAUX, Principal Investigator, Associate Professor, GREMAN Laboratory (Tours University – France)
Lionel HAUMESSER, Associate Professor (HDR), GREMAN Laboratory (Tours University – France)
Rémi ROUFFAUD, Associate Professor, GREMAN Laboratory (Tours University – France)
Marc LETHIECQ, Professor, GREMAN Laboratory (Tours University – France)
Jiacheng CHEN, PhD Student, GREMAN Laboratory (Tours University – France)
Oliver WRIGHT, Professor, Applied Solid State Laboratory (Hokkaido University – Japan)
Eun BOK, Post-doctoral researcher, Applied Solid State Laboratory (Hokkaido University – Japan)

Project informations:
ANR JCJC 2021 - N° ANR-21-CE08-0002-01


Thibaut DEVAUX,