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GREMAN is a research laboratory on materials, microelectronics, acoustics and nanotechnology of the university of Tours, CNRS and INSA Centre Val de Loire created in January 2012 by the merging of several groups located in Tours and Blois, France. Its expertise covers the value chain from materials science up to devices (components, sensors, transducers ...) and their integration. Fields such as electrical energy efficiency, micro energy sources, power microelectronics and the use of ultrasonic waves are particularly targeted, for applications in industry, health and nomadic apparatus, among others.

GREMAN's activities rely on several technical platforms, particularly on CERTeM, a R&D center for microelectronics.

GREMAN's activities are focused on five main research topics: 


GREMAN is particularly involved in education through five master's degree of Tours and Orleans universities:
GREMAN's teachers-researchers are also involved in courses at IUT of Tours and Blois, Sciences and techniques eductation and research unit and Polytech' (Graduate school of engineering) of Tours university and INSA Centre-Val de Loire.