Piezoelectric & capacitive micro & nano systems for ultrasound transducers and energy conversion

Our research focuses on the modeling, design and characterization of micro and nano objects based on MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) capacitive or piezoelectric technologies. Emergent technologies based on piezoelectric thick films, ZnO nanowire devices or cMUTs (Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers) are covered in our work, starting with the fabrication of basic components and up to their integration in a device.

The design of these devices is carried out with the objective to optimize the choice of deposited materials, to propose innovative choices in terms of materials and / or substrates, and to study their influence on the performance of the final device. Finally, the sizes of these devices, from few hundred nanometers to several tens of millimeters, are extremely rich in terms of involved acoustic phenomena.

Several members of this research group are invested in the Piezo Institute, a European research network gathering together several academic laboratories and companies, leaders in piezoelectricity.



Technologie cMUTs pour l’imagerie du tissu cérébral.
Région Centre-Val de Loire project (2015-2017).
Coordinator: INSERM U930 (Tours).


Thin Film of Lithium and ZnO nanogenerator: all Integrated for « perpetual Battery » on fLExible substrates
ANR project (2014-2018).
Coordinator: GREMAN.
Partners: GREMAN, STMicroelectronics Tours.
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Laboratoire commun sur les transducteurs et microconvertisseurs électromécanique pour applications MédicaleS
ANR project (LabCom funding 2014-2017).
Partners: Vermon SA (Tours) - GREMAN.


Application du silicium poreux à la réalisation de substrats pour les sondes cMUT)
Région Centre-Val de Loire project (2015-2017).
Coordinator: GREMAN.
Partners: INSERM U930 « Imagerie et Cerveau », VERMON (Tours), Silimixt (Tours), Echosens (Paris), GREMAN.


Energy for Smart Objects
H2020 ECSEL project (2016-2020).
Coordinator: STMicroelectronics Tours.
Partners: 34 participants in 8 European countries.
GREMAN main partners: Fraunhofer IIS (Nurnberg), University of Liège and Prayon company (Liège).
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High Efficiency piezoelectric Alternative materials: Towards Environmental-friendly solutions
ANR project (2015-2017)
Coordinator: GREMAN.
Partners: Thales R&T (Palaiseau), IEMN UMR 8520 CNRS (Lille), ICMCB UPR 9048 CNRS (Bordeaux), SPTCS UMR 7315 CNRS (Limoges), CristalInnov (Chambéry), VERMON (Tours).


Module à Energie Perpétuelle sur Substrat flexible)
Région Centre-Val de Loire project (2015 - 2018).
Coordinator: GREMAN.
Partners: GREMI UMR 7344 CNRS (Orléans), STMicrolectronics (Tours), GREMAN.


Plateforme ultrasonore de diagnostic et thérapie ciblée
DGA 2014 project (2015-2017).
Coordinator: VERMON.
Partner: GREMAN.