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J.P. GERBAULET, J.M. GREGOIRE, F. LEVASSORT, “Sonde et dispositif ultrasonore d’imagerie 3D de la mâchoire“, Brevet Français, Numéro de publication : FR2997619 (date de publication 9 Mai 2014), N- LIGHT et Université François-Rabelais de Tours

J.P. GERBAULET, J.M. GREGOIRE, F. LEVASSORT, “Ultrasound probe and device for 3D imaging of the jaw“, Extension US, Numéro de publication : US2015/0313572 A1 (date de publication 5 novembre 2015), N-LIGHT et Université François-Rabelais de Tours. 

Books and book chapters

L. BLANC, G. TORTISSIER, C. BOISSIÈRE, C. DEJOUS, D. REBIÈRE, “Love Wave Characterization of Mesoporous Titania Films“, New Sensors and Processing Chain (eds J.-H. Thomas and N. Yaakoubi), John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, USA, Chapter 2, (2014). 

Articles in international papers

D. KUSCER, F. LEVASSORT, M. LETHIECQ, A.-P. ABELLARD, M. KOSEC, “Lead zirconate titanate thick films by electrophoretic deposition for high-frequency ultrasound transducers”, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 95(3), pp. 892–900, (2012).

M. LETHIECQ, R. LOU-MOELLER, J.A. KETTERLING, F . LEV ASSORT , L.P . TRAN-HUU-HUE, E. FILOUX, R.H. SILVERMAN, W.W. WOLNY, “Non-planar pad-printed thick-film focused high- frequency ultrasonic transducers for imaging and therapeutic applications” IEEE trans. UFFC, 59(9), pp. 1976-1982, (2012).

H. RIFAÏ, N. MARCHAND, G. POULIN-VITTRANT, “Bounded control of an underactuated biomimetic aerial vehicle—Validation with robustness tests“, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 60(9), pp. 1165–1178, 2012.

N. SÉNÉGOND, A. BOULMÉ, C. PLAG, F. TESTON, D. CERTON, "Fast time domain modelling of fluid-coupled cMUT cells: from the single cell to the 1D linear array element", IEEE trans. UFFC, 60(7), pp. 1505-1518, (2013).

D. CERTON, R. TERNIFI, A. BOULMÉ, M. LEGROS, J.G. MINONZIO, M. T ALMANT , F . P A T A T , J.P . REMENIERAS, "Low frequency cMUT technology: application to Measurement of Brain Movement and Assessment of Bone Quality " BioMedical Engineering and Research, 34, pp. 159-166, (2013).

E. FILOUX, R. LOU-MOELLER, S. CALLE, M. LETHIECQ, F . LEV ASSORT , “Optimised properties of high frequency transducers based on curved piezoelectric thick films obtained by pad printing process” Advances in Applied Ceramics, 112(2), pp. 75-78, (2013).

O. GRA TON, G. POULIN-VITTRANT , L.P . TRAN-HUU-HUE, M. LETHIECQ, “Strategy of modelling and simulation of electromechanical conversion in ZnO nanowires” Advances in Applied Ceramics, 112(2), pp. 85-90, (2013).

H. URSIC, F . LEV ASSORT , J. HOLC, M. LETHIECQ, M. KOSEC “0.65Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.35PbTiO3 Thick Films for High-Frequency Piezoelectric Transducer Applications”, Jap. J. Appl. Phys., 52(5), pp. 055502.1-6, (2013).

H. RIFAI, J. F. GUERRERO-CASTELLANOS, N. MARCHAND, G. POULIN-VITTRANT, “Biomimetic- Based Output Feedback for Attitude Stabilization of a Flapping-wing Micro Aerial Vehicle“ Robotica, 31(6), pp. 955-968, (2013).

O. GRATON, G. POULIN-VITTRANT, A. S. DAHIYA, N. CAMARA, L.P. TRAN-HUU-HUE AND M. LETHIECQ, “Equivalent circuit model of a nanogenerator based on a piezoelectric nanowire- polymer composite“ Phys. Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters, 7(10), pp. 915-918, (2013).

A. GUIROY, A. NOVELL, E. RINGGAARD, R. LOU-MOELLER, J.-M. GREGOIRE, A.-P. ABELLARD, T. ZAWADA, A. BOUAKAZ, F. LEVASSORT, “Dual-frequency transducer for nonlinear contrast agent imaging”, IEEE trans. UFFC, 60(12), pp. 2634-2644, (2013).

D. KUSCER, A.-P. ABELLARD, M. KOSEC, F. LEVASSORT, “Piezoelectric thick-film structures for high frequency applications prepared by electrophoretic deposition” in Ceramic Transactions, 240 pp.131-141, (2013).

S. MÉNIGOT, D. CERTON, D. GROSS, J.-M. GIRAULT, “Automatic Optimal Input Command for Linearization of cMUT Output by a Temporal Target”, IEEE trans. UFFC, 61(10), pp. 1742-1753, (2014).

A. BOULMÉ, S. NGO, J.-G. MINONZIO, M. LEGROS, M. TALMANT, P. LAUGIER, D. CERTON, “A Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer Probe for Assessment of Cortical Bone“ IEEE trans. UFFC, 61(4), pp. 710-723, (2014).

A.-P. ABELLARD, D. KUSCER, M. LETHIECQ, J.-M. GRÉGOIRE, B. MALIC, F. LEVASSORT, “Lead zirconate titanate multi-element structure by electrophoretic deposition” Journal of Microelectronics, Electronic Components and Materials, 44(1), pp. 34-41, (2014).

D. WANG, E. FILOUX, F. LEVASSORT, M. LETHIECQ, S.A. ROCKS, R. DOREY, “Fabrication and characterization of annular-array, high-frequency, ultrasonic transducers based on PZT thick film“ Sensors and Actuators A-Physical, 216, pp. 207-213, (2014).

A.P. ABELLARD, D. KUSCER, J.-M. GREGOIRE, M. LETHIECQ, B. MALIC, F. LEVASSORT, “Lead zirconate titanate-based thick films for high-frequency focused ultrasound transducers prepared by electrophoretic deposition“ IEEE trans. UFFC, 61(3), pp. 547-556, (2014).

R. ROUFFAUD, P. MARCHET, A.-C. HLADKY-HENNION, C. BANTIGNIES, M. PHAM THI, F. LEVASSORT, “Complete and consistent set for the optimized (YXt)-45° cut of a piezoelectric KNbO3 single crystal“, Journal of Applied Physics, 116, pp. 194106, (2014).

F. BOUKAZOUHA, G. POULIN-VITTRANT, L.P. TRAN-HUU-HUE, M. BAVENCOFFE, F. BOUBENIDER, M. RGUITI, M. LETHIECQ, “A comparison of 1D analytical model and 3D Finite Element Analysis with experiments for a Rosen-type piezoelectric transformer“, Ultrasonics, 60, pp. 41-50, (2015).

A. BOULMÉ, D. CERTON, “Design of broadband linear micromachined ultrasonic transducer arrays by means of boundary element method coupled with normal mode theory“, IEEE trans. UFFC 62(9), pp. 1704-1716, (2015).

D. GROSS, C. COUTIER, M. LEGROS, A. BOUAKAZ, D. CERTON, “A cMUT probe for ultrasound- guided focused ultrasound targeted therapy”, IEEE trans. UFFC, 62(6), pp. 1145-1160, (2015).

A.P. ABELLARD, D. KUSCER, M. LETHIECQ, B. MALIC, F. LEVASSORT, “Processing andelectromechanical properties of lead zirconate titanate thick films by electrophoretic deposition“, Advances in Applied Ceramics, 114(4), pp. 198-204, (2015).

G. MATA OSORO, D. BREGIROUX, MAI PHAM THI, F. LEVASSORT, “Structural and piezoelectric properties evolution induced by cobalt doping and cobalt/niobium co-doping in BaTiO3“ Materials Letters, 166, pp. 259-262, (2016).

T. BAKARIC, T. ROJAC, A.-P. ABELLARD, B. MALIC, F. LEVASSORT, D. KUSCER, “Effect of pore size and porosity on the piezoelectric and acoustic properties of Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O3 ceramics“, Advances in Applied Ceramics, 115(2), pp. 66-71, (2016).  

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