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A. FILATRE-FURCAT, N. BELLEC, O. JEANNIN, P. AUBAN-SENZIER, M. FOURMIGUE, J. IÑIGUEZ, E. CANADELL, B. BRIERE, V. TA PHUOC, D. LORCY, “Single-Component Conductors: a Sturdy Electronic Structure Generated by Bulky Substituents" Inorganic Chemistry, 55, pp. 6036-6046, (2016).

J. E. WEGROWE, E. OLIVE, “The magnetic monopole and the separation between fast and slow magnetic degrees of freedom”, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 28, pp. 106001, (2016).

S. SAURABH, M.A. GLASER, Y. LANSAC, P.K. MAITI, “Atomistic Simulation of Stacked Nucleosome Core Particles: Tail Bridging, the H4 Tail, and Effect of Hydrophobic Forces”, J. Phys. Chem. B, 120, pp. 3048, (2016).

Y . LANSAC, J. DEGROUARD, M. RENOUARD, A.C. TOMA, F . LIVOLANT , E. RASP AUD, “A route to self-assemble suspended DNA nano-complexes”, Scientific reports, 6, pp. 21995, (2016).

Y. GIM, D. KIM, M. KYEONG, S. BYUN, Y. PARK, S. KWON, H. KIM, S. HONG, Y. LANSAC, Y.H. JANG, “D-A-D-Type Narrow-Bandgap Small-Molecule Photovoltaic Donors: Pre-Synthesis Virtual Screening by Density Functional Theory”, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 18, pp. 15054-15059, (2016).

J. KU, Y . GIM, Y . LANSAC, Y . H. JANG, “N-Alkylthienopyrroledione versus Benzothiadiazole Pulling Units in Push-Pull Copolymers Used for Photovoltaic Applications: Density Functional Theory Study”, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 18, pp. 1017, (2016).

J. H. Y ANG, T . RYU, Y . LANSAC, Y . H. JANG, B.H. LEE, “Shear Stress-Induced Enhancement of the Piezoelectric Properties of PVDF-TrFE Thin Films”, Org. Electron. 28, pp. 67, (2016).

M. SAHNUN, V. TA PHUOC, L. DEL CAMPO, N. MASSA, S. PAGOLA, “TF-DDQ: Two “green” synthetic routes, crystal structure and band gap from FT-IR spectroscopy”, Synthetic Metals, 214, pp. 71, (2016)

S. RADI, S. TIGHADOUINI, M. BAQUET, M. ZAGHRIOUI, “New adsorbent material based on nitrothiophene-functionalized silica particles for aqueous heavy metals removal”, J. Sulfur Chem., 37(3), pp. 296-306, (2016).

E. TRANCHANT, J. CORRAZE, B. QUERRÉ, M. STOLIAR, P. ROZENBERG, M. CREN, T. RODITCHEV, D., V. TA PHUOC, M.P. BESLAND, L. CARIO, “Resistive Switching in Mott Insulators and Correlated Systems”, Advanced Functional Materials, 25(40), pp. 6287-6305, (2015).

P. STOLIAR, P. DIENER, J. TRANCHANT, B. CORRAZE, B. BRIERE, V. TA PHUOC, N. BELLEC, M. FOURMIGUE, D. LORCY, E. JANOD, L. CARIO, “Resistive Switching Induced by Electric Pulses in a Single-Component Molecular Mott Insulator“, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119(6), pp. 2983-2988, (2015).

H. BOUYANFIF, A. M. SALAH, M. ZAGHRIOUI, M. EL MARSSI, “High-temperature lattice-dynamics evolution of YMnO3 and YbMnO3”, Phys. Rev. B 91, pp. 224104, (2015).

N. LEE, Y. LANSAC, H.-S. HWANG, Y. H. JANG, “Switching Mechanism of Al/La1-xSrxMnO3 Resistance Random Access Memory. I. Oxygen Vacancy Formation in Perovskites”, RSC Adv., 5, pp. 102772, (2015).

H. SONG, S.W. SHIN, K.S. PARK, Y. LANSAC, Y.H. JANG, S.H. UM, ENZYME-GUIDED, “DNA Sewing Architecture”, Sci. Rep., 5, pp. 17722, (2015).

E. OLIVE, Y. LANSAC, M. MEYER, M. HAYOUN, J. E. WEGROWE, “Deviation from the Landau- Lifshitz-Gilbert equation in the inertial regime of the magnetization”, Journal of Applied Physics, 117, pp. 213904, (2015).

J. KU, S. SONG, E.JUNG, H. SUH, Y. LANSAC, Y.H. JANG, “Palladium-assisted reaction of 2,2- dialkylbenzimidazole and its implication to organic solar cell performances”, J. Phys. Chem. C 119, pp. 14063-14075, (2015).

A. GARAI, S. SAURABH, Y. LANSAC, P.K. MAITI, “DNA Elasticity from Short DNA to Nucleosomal DNA“, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 119, pp. 11146, (2015).

V.A. DAVYDOV A, A.V. RAKHMANINA A, V. AGAFONOV, V.N. KHABASHESKU, “On the nature of simultaneous formation of nano- and micron-size diamond fractions under pressure–temperature-induced transformations of binary mixtures of hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon compounds”, Carbon, 90, pp. 231–233, (2015).

S. RADI, S. TIGHADOUINI, M. BACQUET, S. DEGOUTIN, F. CAZIER, M. ZAGHRIOUI, Y.N. MABKHOT, “Organically Modified Silica with Pyrazole-3-carbaldehyde as a New Sorbent for Solid-Liqui Extraction of Heavy Metals”, Molecules, 19, pp. 247-262, (2014).

M. EL AMRANI, M. ZAGHRIOUI, V. TA PHUOC, F. GERVAIS, N.E. MASSA, “Local symmetry breaking and spin–phonon coupling in SmCrO3 orthochromite”, J. Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 361, pp. 1-6, (2014).

M. ZAGHRIOUI, I. YAMADA, K. SHIRO, H. ETANI, T. IRIFUNE “Raman study of ACu3Fe4O12 (A = Ca, Sr, Y and Eu)”, Solid State Sciences, 27, pp. 65-68, (2014).

L. AMMOR, A. RUYTER, “Dynamic transision in current-driven disordered flux-line lattice in single-crystal of Bi-2212”, Physica C, 506, pp. 47, (2014).

V. TA PHUOC, V. BROUET, B. CORRAZE, E. JANOD, M. ZAGHRIOUI, L. CARIO, “Relation between Thermally Induced Structural Distortions and Electronic Properties of the Layered Misfit Chalcogenide (LaS)1.196VS2”, J. Phys. Chem. C, 118(33), pp. 19273–19279, (2014).

S.H. LAPIDUS, A. NAIK, A. WIXTROM, N.E. MASSA, V. TA PHUOC, L. DEL CAMPO, S. LEBÈGUE, J.G. ÁNGYÁN, T. ABDEL-FATTAH, S. PAGOLA, “The Black Polymorph of TTF-CA: TTF Polymorphism and Solvent Effects in Mechanochemical and Vapor Digestion Syntheses, FT-IR, Crystal Packing, and Electronic Structure”, Crystal Growth & Design, 14, pp. 91, (2014).

S. RADI, S. TIGHADOUINI, M. BACQUET, S. DEGOUTIN, B. REVEL, M. ZAGHRIOUI, “Quantitative removal of Zn(II) from aqueous solution and natural water using new silica-immobilized ketoenol–pyridine receptor”, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 3(3), pp. 1769- 1778, (2015).

V.A. DAVYDOVA, A.V. RAKHMANINAA, S.G. LYAPINA, I.D. ILICHEVB, K.N. BOLDYREVC, A.A. SHIRYAEVD, V. AGAFONOV, “Production of Nano and Microdiamonds with Si–V and N–V Luminescent Centers at High Pressures in Systems Based on Mixtures of Hydrocarbon and Fluorocarbon Compounds”, JETP Letters, 99(10), pp.585–589, (2014).

27. V. DAVYDOV, A. RAKHMANINA, I. KIREEV, I. ALIEVA, O. ZHIRONKINA, O. STRELKOVA, V. DIANOVA, T.D. SAMANI, K. MIRELES, H. YAHIA, R. UZBEKOV, V. AGAFONOV, V. KHABASHESKUG, “Solid state synthesis of carbon-encapsulated iron carbide nanoparticles and their interaction with living cells”, J. Mater. Chem. B, 2, pp. 4250-4261, (2014).

V. DAVYDOV, A.V. RAKHMANINA, V.N. AGAFONOV, V.N. KHABASHESKU, “Synergistic influence of fluorine and hydrogen on processes of thermal transformations of carbon containing systems under high pressures”, Nanosystems: physics, chemistry, mathematics, 5(1), pp. 167-171, (2014).

Y.H. JANG, Y. LANSAC, J.-K KIM, H.-S. YOO, C.G. CHAE, C.H. CHOI, S. SAMAL, J.-S. LEE, “Dual function of living polymerization initiator through formation of chain-end-protecting cluster: density functional calculations”, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 16, pp. 24929-24935, (2014).

N. LEE, J. LEE, T. RYU, Y. KIM, Y. LANSAC, Y.H. JANG, “Doping graphene with ferroelectric β- PVDF polymer film: Density functional theory calculation and molecular dynamics simulation”, Sci. Adv. Mater., 6, pp. 2422-2427, (2014).

T. RYU, N. LEE, E. JUNG, Y. LANSAC, Y.H. JANG, “Shuttlecock-shaped pentaarylfullerenes self- assembled on Au: Molecular dynamics simulation of a molecular rectifier”, Sci. Adv. Mater., 6, pp. 2416-2421, (2014).

J. LEE, N. LEE, Y. LANSAC, Y.H. JANG, “Charge inhomogeneity of graphene on SiO2: Dispersion- corrected density functional theory study on the effect of reactive surface sites”, RSC Adv., 4, pp. 37236-37243, (2014).

Y.H. JANG, Y. LANSAC, J.-K. KIM, H.-S. YOO, C. G. CHAE, C. H. CHOI, S. SAMAL, J.-S. LEE, “Dual Function of living polymerization initiator through formation of chain-end protecting cluster: density functional calculations”, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 16, pp. 24929, (2014).

S. RADI, S. TIGHADOUINI, M. BACQUET, S. DEGOUTIN, F. CAZIER, M. ZAGHRIOUI, Y. N. MABKHOT, “Organically Modified Silica with Pyrazole-3-carbaldehyde as a New Sorbent for Solid-Liquid Extraction of Heavy Metals”, Molecules, 19, pp. 247, (2014).

B. CORRAZE, E. JANOD, L. CARIO, P. MOREAU, L. LAJAUNIE, P. STOLIAR, V. GUIOT, V. DUBOST, J. TRANCHANT, S. SALMON, M.-P. BESLAND, V. TA PHUOC, T. CREN, D. RODITCHEV, N. STEPHANT, D. TROADEC, M. ROZENBERG, “Electric field induced avalanche breakdown and non- volatile resistive switching in the Mott Insulators AM4Q8”, European Physical Journal : Special topics, 222, pp. 1047, (2013).

V. GUIOT, L. CARIO, E. JANOD, B. CORRAZE, V. TA PHUOC, M. ROZENBERG, P. STOLIAR, T. CREN, D. RODITCHEV, “Avalanche breakdown in GaTa4Se8−xTex narrow-gap Mott insulators”, Nature communications, 4, pp. 1722, (2013).

V. TA PHUOC, C. VAJU, B. CORRAZE, R. SOPRACASE, A. PERUCCHI, C. MARINI, P. POSTORINO, M. CHLIGUI, S. LUPI, E. JANOD, L. CARIO, “Optical Conductivity Measurements of GaTa4Se8 under high pressure: evidence of a bandwidth-controlled insulator-to-metal Mott transition”, Physical Review Letters, 110, pp. 037401, (2013).

V. BROUET, J. MAUCHAIN, E. PAPALAZAROU, J. FAURE, M. MARSI, P.H. LIN, A. TALEB-IBRAHIMI, P. LE FEVRE, F. BERTRAN, L. CARIO, E. JANOD, B. CORRAZE, V. TA PHUOC, L. PERFETTI, “Ultrafast filling of an electronic pseudogap in an incommensurate crystal”, Physical Review B, 87, pp. 041106, (2013).

C. BOUSIGE, S. ROLS, J. OLLIVIER, H. SCHOBER, P. FOUQUET, G. G. SIMEONI, V. AGAFONOV, V. DAVYDOV, Y. NIIMI, K. SUENAGA, H. KATAURA, P. LAUNOIS, “From a one-dimensional crystal to a one-dimensional liquid: A comprehensive dynamical study of C60 peapods”, Physical Review B, 87, pp. 195438, (2013).

A. SAWA, A. TSURUMAKI-FUKUCHI, H. YAMADA, C. RODENBÜCHER, K. SZOT, R. WASER, S. B. LEE, J.-B. PARK, M.-J. LEE, T. W. NOH, M. J. ROZENBERG, M. J. SÁNCHEZ, P. STOLIAR, R. WEHT, C. ACHA, F. GOMEZ-MARLASCA, P. LEVY, L. CARIO, B. CORRAZE, V. GUIOT, S. SALMON, J. TRANCHANT, M.-P. BESLAND, V. TA PHUOC, M. ROZENBERG, T. CREN, D. RODITCHEV, E. JANOD, D. SCHMEIßER, M. RICHTER, M. TALLARIDA, S. LONG, C. GAGLI, X. CARTOIXÀ, R. RURALI, E. MIRANDA, D. JIMÉNEZ, J. BUCKLEY, M. LIU, J. SUÑÉ, Nanosession: Variants of Resistive Switching, in Frontiers in Electronic Materials: A Collection of Extended Abstracts of the Nature Conference Frontiers in Electronic Materials, (eds J. Heber, D. Schlom, Y. Tokura, R. Waser and M. Wuttig), Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, Germany (DOI: 10.1002/9783527667703.CH45), (2013).

E. OLIVE, Y. LANSAC, J. E. WEGROWE, “Beyond ferromagnetic resonance : the inertial regime of the magnetization”, Applied Physics Letters, 100, pp. 192407, (2012).

E. A. ZHILINSKAYA, A.V.RAKHMANINA, V.A.DAVYDOV, V. AGAFONOV, “EPR Study of the Thermal Depolymerization Process of C60 Polymerized Phases”, Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures, 20, pp. 357 (2012).

N. DI SCALA, E. OLIVE, Y. LANSAC, Y. FILY, J.C. SORET, “The elastic depinning transition of vortex lattices in two dimensions”, New Journal of Physics, 14, pp. 123027, (2012).M. EL AMRANI, V. TA PHUOC, M. R. AMMAR, M. ZAGHRIOUI, F. GERVAIS, “Structural modifications of disordered YMn1-xInxO3 solid solutions evidenced by infrared and Raman spectroscopies”, Solid State Sciences, 14, pp. 1315, (2012).

P. J. ACKERMAN, Z. QI, Y. LIN, C.W. TWOMBLY, M.J. LAVIADA, Y. LANSAC, I.I. SMALYUKH, “Laser-directed hierarchical assembly of liquid crystal defects and control of optical phase singularities”, Scientific Reports, 2, pp. 414, (2012).

V. DAVYDOV, A. RAKHMANINA, H. ALLOUCHI, C. AUTRET, P. LIMELETTE, V. AGAFONOV, “Carbon- Encapsulated Iron Carbide Nanoparticles in the Thermal Conversions of Ferrocene at High Pressures”, Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures, 20, pp. 451, (2012).

S. ROLS, C. BOUSIG, J. CAMBEDOUZOU, P. LAUNOIS, J.-L. SAUVAJOL, H. SCHOBER, V.N. AGAFONOV, V.A. DAVYDOV, J. OLIVIER, “Unravelling low lying phonons and vibration of carbon nanostructures: The contribution of inelastic and quasi-elastic neutrons scattering”, European Physical Journal Special Topics, 213, pp. 77, (2012).

J. KU, D. KIM, T. RYU E. JUNG, Y. LANSAC, Y.H. JANG, “Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory Study on Cyclopentadithiophene- Benzothiadiazole-Based Push-Pull-Type Copolymers for New Design of Donor Materials in Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells”, Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, 33, pp. 1029, (2012).

N. DI SCALA, E. OLIVE, Y. LANSAC, Y. FILY, J.C. SORET, “Elastic depinning transitionfor superconductor vortices”, Journal of Physics: Conference series, 400, pp. 022015, (2012).

G. TRESSET, Y. LANSAC, G. ROMET-LEMONNE, “Supramolecular assemblies of lipid-coated polyelectrolytes, LANGMUIR, 28, pp. 5743, (2012).

A. MDAHRI, C. BROUSSEAU, M. ZAGHRIOUI, I. EL ABOUDI, “Electronic conduction and microstructure in polymer compositites filled with carbonaceous particles“, Journal of Applied Physics, 112, pp. 034118, (2012).

B. BRIÈRE, A. KALINKO, I. YAMADA, P. ROY, J.B. BRUBACH, R. SOPRACASE, M. ZAGHRIOUI, V. TA PHUOC, “On the energy scale involved in the metal to insulator transition of quadruple perovskite EuCu3Fe4O12: infrared spectroscopy and ab-initio calculations”, Scientific Reports, 6, pp. 28624 (2016).

I. ALIEVA, I. KIREEV, A. RAKHMANINA, A. GARANINA, O. STRELKOVA, O. ZHIRONKINA, V. CHEREPANINETS , V. DAVYDOV , V. KHABASHESKU , V. AGAFONOV, R. UZBEKOV, “Magnet- induced behavior of iron carbide (Fe7C3@C) nanoparticles in the cytoplasm of living cells“, NANOSYSTEMS: PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS, 7(1), pp. 158–160, (2016).

U. JANTZEN, A.B. KURZ, D.S. RUDNICKI, C. SCHÄFERMEIER,U.L. ANDERSEN, V. DAVYDOV, V. AGAFONOV, A. KUBANEK, L.J. ROGERS, F. JELEZKO, “Nanodiamonds carrying silicon-vacancy quantum emitters with almost lifetime-limited linewidths“, New J. Phys. 18, pp. 073036, (2016).  

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