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Articles in international papers

G. ROBIN, F. VANDER MEULEN, N. WILKIE-CHANCELIER, L. MARTINEZ, L. HAUMESSER, J. FORTINEAU, P. GRIESMAR, M. LETHIECQ, G. FEUILLARD, "Ultrasonic self-calibrated method applied to monitoring of sol-gel transition", Ultrasonics 52(5), pp. 622-627, (2012).

O. DIALLO, E. LE CLEZIO, M. LETHIECQ, G. FEUILLARD, “Electrical excitation and mechanical vibration of a piezoelectric cube” Journal of Microelectronics, Electronic Components and Materials, 42(3), pp. 192-196, (2012).

M. DOMENJOUD, M. LEMATRE, P. TRAN, G. FEUILLARD, “Modelling of Hysteretic Behaviour of Piezoceramic Materials under External Electrical and Mechanical Stress”, Advances in Applied Ceramics, 112(2), pp. 103-107, (2012).

I.E. KUZNETSOVA, B.D. ZAITSEV, I.A. BORODINA, A.M. SHIKHABUDINOV, A.A. TEPLYKH, E. MANGA, G. FEUILLARD, "The effect of nanocomposite polymeric layer on the radiation of antisymmetric zero-order Lamb wave in a piezoelectric plate contacting with liquid'" Journal of Applied Physics, 113(22), pp. 224507 (2013).

M. DOMENJOUD, M. LEMA TRE, M. GRA TTON, M. LETHIECQ, L.P . TRAN HUU HUE, “Theoretical and experimental study of the electroacoustic behavior of lithium niobate under an initial mechanical stress”, IEEE Trans. Ultra., Ferro., and Freq. Cont., 60 (10), pp. 2219-2224, (2013).

A.-C. HLADKY-HENNION, J.O. VASSEUR, G. HAW, C. CROËNNE, L. HAUMESSER, A.-N. NORRIS “Negative refraction of acoustic waves using a foam-like metallic structure”, Applied Physics Letters, 102, pp. 144103 (2013).

O. DIALLO, E. LE CLEZIO, T. DELAUNAY, M. BAVENCOFFE, G. FEUILLARD, “Electrical admittance of piezoelectric parallelepipeds: application to tensorial characterization of piezoceramics”, AIP ADVANCES, 4, pp. 017121, (2014).

A.-C. HLADKY-HENNION, C. CROËNNE, J. O. VASSEUR, L. HAUMESSER, A.N. NORRIS, “Focusing capability of a phononic crystal based on a hollow metallic structure”, IEEE Trans. Ultrason. Ferroelectr. Freq. Control., 61 (8), pp.1314-1321, (2014).

V. LOYAU, V. MORIN, J. FORTINEAU, M. LOBUE AND F. MAZALEYRAT, “A method to decrease the harmonic distortion in Mn-Zn ferrite/PZT and Ni-Zn ferrite/PZT layered composite rings exhibiting high magnetoelectric effects”, J. Appl. Phys. 118(15), pp. 154101, (2015).

H. SCHWARTZ, C. PRAX, J. P. PINEAU, J. C. VALIÈRE, G. FEUILLARD “Application of ultrasound for the estimation of flight velocity direction on an aircraft fuselage”, Applied Acoustics, 90, pp.171-180, (2015).

J. BUSTILLO, M. DOMENJOUD, J. FORTINEAU, “Characterization of piezoelectric ceramics using inverse problem solving of a polarization switching modeling”, Advances in Applied Ceramics, 115(6), (2016).  

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